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The UK gathering of women in Ireland will be on

Sunday, May 14th

instead of Saturday.

We will be at Malahide Castle, near Dublin.

Our gathering times are 9:30 am until 5:30 pm. 

Connect with Sarah Richardson at,

for more logistics.

Please make a note of the date change...

and my apologies if this causes any inconvenience.


Hello Dear Women of the UK...

I am beyond excited to be visiting Ireland and having this meeting with you.

I feel that the world of birth is changing fast and we need to gather in Council and decide how we want birth to unfold and how we intend to show up for it.

It's worldwork we are doing and I have never found any work more important for me than this.


This will be my 4th visit to Ireland. 

My roots are here and my kin are Farrells from County Longford.

My father, Jack Farrell, was born in New York City but his father was born in Ireland, and my great grandmother who lived in Brooklyn, never learned english.

It is at once poignant yet glorious to be rooted in the land...and connected with those who keep the land vital.

I look forward to connecting with each of you.

Much love...




And in the US in June…
Two Holistic Doula programs…
One is on-site and the other is on-line

On-Site Holistic Doula Program
Thursday - Sunday, June 1st - 4th
9:30 am to 5:30 pm EDT

in Warrenville, IL (in the Chicago area)
Cost is $650

Registration Instructions Here
For more information…connect with Cote at


Our on-line program will be on Zoom!
Thursday - Sunday
June 22nd - June 25th
11 am to 7 pm EDT
All sessions are recorded and available the next day.
Cost is $650
For more information…connect with Cote at
Registration is open for both programs

Instructions Here

Whapio is in Quebec, Canada!
Enfanter L’evolution Gathering
July 20th - 23rd
Link for the Great Summer Gathering, 2023
Enfanter l’évolution | Facebook
Link for video of last year’s Gathering



Birthkeepers Cohort 2023
Starts September 23rd, 2023
Our year-long devotional to Birth offering
an entry-level Quantum Midwifery Education.
Application is under the CONTACT button.


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