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Birthkeepers Midwifery Cohort

A year long quantum midwifery education

Our year long midwifery cohort has already begun but, we are offering the opportunity to purchase the course as a self directed, independent study program.  

When purchasing the course, you will receive life time access to all materials, plus the opportunity to join a free  monthly open study group. 

Whapio also hosts  monthly Zoom sessions and you can join for $50 per session.

Cost: $3,300 usd

Please read or downoad our PDF, Quantum Midwifery Curriculum found below. It will answer many questions.
Fot any additonal questions, please contact Whapio at



If you are ready to deepen your knowledge of how birth authentically unfolds…and ready to step forth to bring your insight and understanding to birthing families in whatever capacity they choose…

Come and spend a year with us.

You’ll learn the art and skill of the Birthkeeper and the Quantum Midwife.

Our open house covers many salient topics students may be interested in including

  • Curriculum

  • Study Groups

  • Platforms

  • Certification

We find this is a wonderful way to see the depth and scope of the program and answer you questions.

We will be hosting the 2023 -2024 Open House once we get closer to the start of the program.

In entering this program you have access to the complete
Quantum Midwifery Curriculum


This includes ten Modules, ranging from Pregnancy to Postpartum, that offer a complete and comprehensive midwifery education. In the year-long Mentorship Cohort we will move through the Midwifery Program on a fast track designed to work through each Module, learning the most important concepts and skills.

Each participant will have access to the course materials for as long as they wish and will always have the complete course to review or continue to deepen their understanding of birth.

At the end of the year you may claim a certificate of hours studied in Holistic Midwifery and you may receive your certificate as a Professional Childbirth Consultant and Family Advocate. You will be ready to enter the birthing realm with an enhanced knowledge of birth and you will have the confidence to provide families with equitable care and service.



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The cost is $3,300 USD

Anyone who wants a physiologic understanding of birth
seen through the lens of consciousness is welcome to this program.



Books are an essential part of the course.
You will find the book list at the bottom of this page.

We are happy to open a Module to anyone wishing to see the depth and scope of the program.

The Mentorship Cohort is an on-line program.

Each month you attend a 2-hour live streaming Zoom presentation by Whapio and a 2-hour presentation with Shaconna. These presentations are opportunities to discuss topics that arise during the month and are pertinent to the lessons in the Module being studied.

Each participant is asked to commit to a weekly 2-hour study group with 3 to 5 other participants. Study group is a time to connect via Zoom with other students and share information, insights and revelations with each other. The connections of your study group are important aspects of mentoring that is key in the unfolding of this program. Aside from the Zoom experiences, you will move through each Module on your own time by watching the videos, reading the Lessons in each Module and doing the textbook reading pertinent to each Module. We also offer a once a month, 2-hour, Open Study Group with Jess as a supplement to your weekly study groups. This group is open to everyone in the Cohort.

You will not be expected to finish everything in each Module during this year and you will have the Modules to review at any time. If you devote 8 – 10 hours a week plus a study group of two hours you can easily access the important points within each Module and gain the competence and confidence to offer your services to the community.


For a detailed view of our Quantum Midwifery Curriculum click the button below to download our PDF guide...

We recommend that everyone read or download this document.


It contains a fountain of information about our program and philosophy. 

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At The Matrona we are facilitating a shift in the education of midwives by offering a model that does not require an institutionalized perception of midwifery training, and a model that offers a deepening of the life skills inherent in midwifery care. Communication skills, eldership training, discussions on rank-power-privilege, and intuition exploration~~all of these topics are vital parts of our curriculum and go hand-in-hand with anatomy and physiology and practical skills.

At The Matrona, we envision Midwifery as part of the original model of womancare.
This model has evolved and changed continuously over the centuries and is currently
a vast and ever expanding tapestry of birthing consciousness.
Mothers and midwives are the principle weavers.
Working in concert, we preserve a model of bringing forth life with dignity and grace.
Together we facilitate the creation of family and community on this planet.

As midwives, we do not strive to control birth – or each other.
Rather, we allow birth to evolve freely and gracefully to its natural conclusion.
In doing so, each of us – mother, father, baby and midwife – unfolds as a more whole
and perfect human being. Midwifery calls each of us to our highest and best.
In our quest to cultivate ourselves and serve others with love and respect,
we facilitate important rites of passage. As midwives we guard the doors
of birth and death, healing and growth. We empower each other and ourselves
by allowing the process of life to unfold according to and individual divine plan.
At The Matrona we come together to develop our innate spiritual selves.
We experience the rites of passage attendant on becoming a Midwife,
we seek realms of higher learning and we learn to be comfortable and conversant
with the body-mind-spirit continuum.

The privilege to attend women and families in birth requires commitment and dedication
to a lifestyle that embraces a desire to pursue the sacred.
A Midwife’s practice reflects her experience of what is holy, what is honorable,
what is generous, compassionate, noble and loving.
From her ability to heal herself comes the power to facilitate healing in others.
From self-respect flows respect for others.
From connection with the Ancient Heart of Midwifery, the old and sacred traditions,
comes the ability to remember the ways that have served families for centuries.
From authentic spiritual practice and incorporation of the sacred as part of daily life
comes her ability to practice midwifery with an appropriate balance of intuition and skills.
From this perspective all else flows.

A Birthkeeper’s Practice


One last video on becoming a Birthkeeper

We hope you will join us!

Book List for Required Texts :

(used texts are okay for any book, however, it is very important to have the edition we are using or your page numbers for assignments will be incorrect) ‘Holistic Midwifery Vol. 1’ and ‘Understanding Diagnostic Tests’ (Seventh Edition) by Anne Frye ‘Varney’s Midwifery’ by Helen Varney (Fourth Edition) ‘Wise Woman Herbal’ by Susun Weed Born Free: Unassisted Childbirth in North America Dissertation by Rixa Freeze ( ‘Human Labor and Birth’ by Harry Oxorn (Fifth Edition) ‘Homeopathy for the Modern Pregnant Woman’ by Sandra Perko ‘Homeopathy for Mother and Baby’ by Miranda Castro ‘Homeopathic Psychology’ by Philip Bailey ‘Bush Midwifery: Childbearing Care in the Absence of Hospitals’ by Ashwagandha Recommended: ‘Holistic Midwifery Vol. 2’ by Anne Frye ‘Special Delivery by Rahima Baldwin ‘A New View of a Women’s Body’ by the Federation of Feminist Women’s Health Center ‘Women’s Anatomy of Arousal’ by Sheri Winston ‘Anatomy and Physiology’ by Elaine Marieb Books by Michel Odent: ‘Birth Reborn’, ‘The Farmer and the Obstetrician’, ‘The Scientification of Love’ Work by Henci Goer, Sheila Kitzinger, Barbara Harper, Pam England are recommended. It’s important that we understand the cultural mores of birthing in this 21st Century. Books may be borrowed during the time of this course, it is not required that you own them.

Our Disclaimer:

At the Matrona our programs do not certify students to practice midwifery. Our programs offer an educational structure to understand birth and midwifery in its organic and authentic unfolding. Our year long Birthkeeper’s Mentorship Cohort certifies students as a Professional Childbirth Consultant (PCC) and a Family Advocate (FA). We support the concept of independent midwifery and women caring for women. We suggest that any student wishing to pursue midwifery seek an apprenticeship after finishing our program.

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