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Welcome  to


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The Matrona ~ In Person Holistic Doula Class

Since 2001, The Matrona has offered

holistic education for midwives,

doulas and birth attendants.

We continue to do so, adding new programs as the birthing community grows and evolves.

As we expand, our focus and curriculum remain centered on melding the intuitive with the academic, the mystical with the intelligent.

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 New at The Matrona

Visit our Calendar page for detailed information and registration for new programs coming on 2024

  • Whapio in New York

                in-person holistic doula training 

             Dec. 7th thru 10th,
             9:30 am to 5:30pm est.
  •    Online Holistic Doula Certification    
     January 11th to 14th,  
    11am to 7pm est
  • Whapio in Calgary, Canada
   The Illuminated Wise Woman
     January 25th to 28th
     Details to come...
  • Whapio in Atlanta with a special program
 February ~ Details to come...​
  • Whapio in San Diego,
The Illuminated Wise Woman​
February 22th, to 25th
Details to Come....
  • Whapio is scheduling 2 programs in Quebec, Canada
Spring 2024 ~ Details to come...​
  • ​Whapio in Colorado
May 2nd to 5th ​
Details to come...
  • Stay Tuned for more information about our
new 16 weeks program,
The Illuminated Wise Woman
March to June
Details to come...

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The Matrona Whapio Birth Atlas

A word from Whapio...

As the Seasons change and we change with them
it’s clear that a new future is on the horizon.
In 2023 I will celebrate my 42nd year in the realms of birth and

I have seen many changes but none so pressing and timely

as the one I am seeing in birth right now.



It’s QUANTUM BIRTH as the new Future and the

rise and reality of the BIRTHKEEPER as Caregiver.


It’s a return to a model of care where the Caregiver has a
100% investment
in the family with no allegiance to any system,
to any licensing or to any colleagues.


It’s the return of Consciousness to Birth and the presence of

deeply connected women who can accompany, hold space and

not interfere in the instinctual responses of the family.


Here’s what a myriad of women have brought to my door…

We are tired of being managed and infantilized.
We resent our instinctual responses being overlooked or ignored.

We want affirmation, we get anxiety.
We want support, we get risk screening.
We want investment in us as the first priority!


We have many wonderful and connected doctors and midwives

who are caring and conscientious but it doesn’t change the fact

that women are being managed, non prioritized and ignored.

Too many women are dissatisfied with their births

and want something different in their caregiver.

There is no blame here. No individuals, no specific thing.

As Dr. M. Odent says…We have just lost our way.
And he goes on to say that the answer is to return to square one.


I see square one as the Quantum Paradigm, and the Birthkeeper.
I see Self-Directed, Instinctual Birth with the

Return of Birth to the Family as the new future.

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Videos from The Matrona

Check in with us frequently as we bring you video clips representing different aspects of our Matrona education.

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