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The Illuminated Wise Woman

A Portal to the New Millennium

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Have you longed to be The Wise Woman for your community?

This Illuminated Wise Woman Program  gives you the opportunity to fulfill your purpose as a Mentor for your entire community.

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For over 42 years I have been a seeker of evolution through the transformative power of birth.

I have been honored to follow women and families as a midwife and birthkeeper and to witness their needs and desires.

Taking care of ourselves and each other seems to be a lost art, but one that begs to be retuned, revamped and revitalized in the hands of

The Wise Woman.

She has been with us for ages and now is HER TIME to resurrect and illuminate the path

for evolution.


We have TWO "Illuminated Wise Woman"
Programs at this time:

~  THE ILLUMINATED WISE WOMAN~          Complete 16 weeks Program
From June through September, 2024

You will learn how to be a witness to all the transformational events of life.
You will become the anchor and the space holder
that women desire.  

You will serve as a mentor or a mediator, an herbalist
or a homeopath and always, a consultant and a confidante.

Here is how our Mentorship Program unfolds:

  • We will meet FIVE three day weekends during the four months of the program. 

        Dates of the FIVE weekends ~ Friday to Sunday

        All classes will be recorded

          ~ May 31st to June 2nd

          ~ June 28th to July 2nd

          ~ July 26th to 28th

          ~ August 23rd to 25th

          ~ September 2oth to 22nd


  • You will be enrolled in a study group, which will meet two hours a week ~ Day and time at your discretion.

  • You will receive approximately 2-3 pre recorded videos per week.

  • All classes will be recorded on Zoom and available  throughout the course.

  • You will have reading assignments on our pertinent materials and some journaling.

  • At the conclusion of the program you will receive your Certificates.



COST: $2,400

If you are interested in this program,  please contact Whapio at to schedule a personal Zoom or phone chat.

Here are many of the topics we will delve into:

-Alchemy and Transformation
The Wise Woman knows the Art and Science of TRANSFORMATION

-Self Care Practices ~ Your Consciousness Container
She knows she needs to be at her highest and best to serve others

- Altered States of Consciousness
She understands the value of an expanded perception

-Conception and Receiving the Light
She navigates the coming together of Light and Sound

-Holistic Stages of Birth
A new Language for Birth

-Mystical Intelligence and Quantum Biology
Your body was never meant to confuse or confound you

-The Quantum Paradigm of Life and Birth
The Wise One shows you the Path

-The Ways of Birth and the ways of Midwifery
The Wise One knows how to sit with women at Birth

-Women as the Ancestral Sex

-Transforming Wounds
Healing is our key to Evolution

-Rank, Power and Privilege
She is skilled at using power wisely 

-Sexual Wisdom and The Infinite Orgasm
Our Orgasms are more powerful than we realize

-The Yin and Yang of Sex
Equalizing the field with men and women 

-Our Manifesto for Men
Intimate Advocacy

-The Power of the Story
The Portal to deeper states of Consciousness

-Herbs as Sentient Beings
She understands the connection with the Plant World

-Roots of Western Medicine
Our tradition of Medicine comes from noble beginnings

Energy Medicine at her fingertips

-The Ways of Wise woman Medicine

-The Seasons of a Woman's Life
The Matriarchy awaits

-The Miracle of Menopause 
"That which comes from the Fire is Pure"

-BE The Medicine
The highest form of Healing

-The Placenta~ The Baby's Twin
Placenta medicine, Placenta Magic and Placenta Readings

-Egyptian Medical Astrology
The Wise One carries Celestial Knowledge

-The Tao of Wisdom
Things arise and she lets them come

-Miasmas and the Theory of Disease
Five great patterns of disalignment 

-Ideas and Ideologies 
OMG pay attention ~ So says the Wise One

-Poverty vs Impoverishment
The Body and the Soul of Healing 

-Styles of Communication
The Wise Woman goes for C

-Mediation and Conflict Resolution
The Wise Woman understand the importance of Peace keeping

-The Psychology of Hypertension and Diabetes
The Wise Woman sees patterns instead of symptoms 

-The Gift of Death
She understands and honors the most important transformation of all

If you are interested in this program, please
contact Whapio a
to sc
hedule a personal Zoom or phone chat


We also have a four day weekend program, Thursday to Sunday, that allows us to peek into some of the topics in the Complete Course.

This is what you will learn during our 4 days together:

Day One:
-Your Consciousness container and Tithing to The Temple
-Brain Waves and Altered States of Consciousness
-Conception and fertilization: Receiving the light
-Mystical Intelligence

Day Two:
-Quantum Paradigm of Life and Death
-Seasons of a woman's life: Matriarchy and Eldership
-The Miracle of Menopause
-The Placenta as the Tree of Life:
Placenta Magic, Medicine and Readings

Day Three:
-Transforming Wounds
-Rank Power and Privilege: Using power wisely
-Roots of Western Medicine
-The Wise Woman Way of Healing
-Quantum Biology
-Herbs as sentient beings

Day Four:
-Styles of communication
-Conflict Resolution and Mediation
-Sexual Wisdom and The Infinite Orgasm
-The Yin and Yang of Sex
-Miasmas and the Theory of Disease
-The Gift of Death

If you are interested in the 4 day program, check our calendar page for Dates and Times in January and February.
For more information contact Whapio at

Cost: $700

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